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Before the establishment of Peshawar Press Club some 45 years ago, the journalists used to sit and attend press conferences in a single room allocated in famous Deans Hotel (now Deans Trade Centre), which then was called as Press Room. The building of first press club in Peshawar was consisting of two rooms in the old Municipal Committee building (now converted into a College for Women), which was situated in the heart of the city at Chowk Yadgar. After getting a converging point, they not only worked for the democratic norms and ethical values in journalism, but went through elections exercise to elect a president and office bearers ...

The Peshawar Press Club was founded in 1964 by a group of dedicated journalists, whose primary objective was to have a place for get-to-gathers, but by the time this proved to be a milestone in laying down foundations for the modern journalism in Peshawar
Nasir Hussain
Umar Younis
Vice President
Fida Adeel
General Sec.
Jahanzaib sadiq
Joint Sec.
Ammad Waheed
Finance Sec.
President Zahir Shah Sarhad Transport Association


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